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2 martie 2013
Criza personala, ca oportunitate
18 martie 2013

Interviu despre Schimbare, cu Kaifi

Pentru a pastra autenticitatea si semnificatia celor transmise de Kaifi, interviul este redat in intregime in limba engleza. Multumim de intelegere!

Question: The thing is that a lot is happening lately and people don’t understand it and really don’t know how to deal with change.

People use to ask a lot this question the last year mostly, and actually what they ask is: how to control change?
Control is an illusion. You can’t control anything. Is nothing to deal with…. just accept change! Trust in life.
We live in a universe that everything is energy moving… everything! From our DNA spiral to our

planet… the stars. Even what we call material is energy moving. In this universe of continuous movement and changes, our mind try to find a stable little corner to feel secure. Hahahahahaa!! Is a joke! Isn’t it??
Beyond all these theories about our time now and what is happening or what is going to happen… the true is that feels time of change in many levels.
Just look around, environment destruction, finance crisis in Europe and all over the world, suicides, violence…. Αnd the same time Awakening in many levels. Is sad, but more people awakened through fear than love. Facing “the End” make us move a lot. Becoming alert and present!
Question: Is there any connection between change and healing?

As I said before Accepting Change is Trust in Life. The word healing is coming from the word Whole. We are whole and healing is happening. We are whole and we are really available to life to the unknown including everything, receiving change as natural movement. How I feel healing is… everything taking the right place! By itself everything comes in line.

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Question: There are people who are going through a lot of suffering. What do you think is the main cause of it? Which is the right approach to deal with it?

Running after happiness creates suffering. Mind suffers. And when I say mind, I mean the conditioning part of the mind. And suffering is never in our center is always on the surface; cannot be in the center. Happiness is independent from the outside, from the surface. And don’t forget that suffering, drama, misery… create addiction. Our “little me” feels important there. In this secure space of “know already”. We feel that we are the only ones, separate from the world… nobody understand us, nobody can help us. Is difficult to move out of suffering because we don’t want to move out of it; to move to the unknown.
This “little me” identify so much with the dramas, all of them.
To deal with it? Lol ! do you mean to control it? Haha..
Just allow it. Face it. And then you realize that belongs to the surface (periphery). The identifications dropped by themselves and we are available again to everything!


Question: There are a lot of methods out there, from classical psychotherapy to many other methods, all of them having the goal to help people in some way feel better. Which is your approach? And how does it work?

Feeling better belongs to the periphery again. In the center there is no questions of feeling better or not.
My approach is focused in Love & Awareness.
By creating a safe – loving- intense space for the participants to explore….to re-discover…..whatever! Lol !
Mind always jumps from the past to the future, creating illusions of separation and missing life that is happening in the Now. (sound of the one hand clapping). In the group dynamic that I love to work with, we have the potential to undress the moment by moving beyond all ideas of our personality, how the things, situations, me etc. should be. Falling and relaxing into our heart space we realize that there is a center –in the heart and there is no periphery, re-connecting us with our qualities and potential, with our vast energy, our source.


Question: For people who had no contact whatsoever with your work or your approach what is your advice? From where should they start?

From Here!..Now!
I worked with many people from many different cultures and backgrounds, in many countries. Maybe you feel that you are the only one with the biggest drama, the more painful and complicated life story that nothing is working. And maybe this is half true in the periphery….hahaha!….and what about the center? What you are really are??
Keep it simple… laugh with your self and others and let everything be(!) without analyze it or going into theories, just dance it! hahahaha!!
Maybe our friends here they don’t know about Osho. Osho is a contemporary mystic that inspired me a lot in life and the way that I work with people. He also gave us the upgrade to meditation that we deserve…. is what we call OSHO Active Meditations that you can practice even by yourself and OSHO Meditative Therapies that are happening in a group. Uniquely simple, revolutionary and effective processes, designed specially for the contemporary man. Fantastic way to start…and to keep on…hahaha!!


Question: How do you explain the fact that there are a lot of people watching, reading about healing, understanding more or less the process? What is the advice for actually experiencing the healing?

Sometimes reading or listening something can inspire us or even move us but healing is nothing to understand. Is to experience.
Sometimes we need to meet the person that is going to wake up this memory and support us with our self healing and this is hard to happen through books…
Healing is something natural and every body has energy to heal. Healing is also stopping believing that you are ill, miserable… feel yourself in totality, whole!


Question: How did your personal healing process start? Was it what inspired you to start the healing work (or how would you like to call it?)

Hahahaha….. i was in a fucked up period of my life. I had lost everything. Family, friends, myself. I was alone without having something to hooked on. I want to say here, that since very young in the primary school I had the feeling that everybody is lying to me. That what they say are bullshits. So, I became against society, fighting continuously, destroying everything also myself. My mantra was: “live fast die young” hahahhaa… these years were my best training in life! Living on the edge and facing “the End” all the time in front of my face brought me to a point that I had even to wake up or die. I can say that my “personal” healing process starts in 1998. Through a shamanic ritual, I realized death and the potential to move through it in the clarity of eternal now as consciousness. I remember in that I visited an acupuncturist-body worker friend and in diagnosis she told me: “My beloved you are dead. Almost nothing is functioning in your system” and I was feeling like this. A different journey started at this period… the healing journey! My focus was not even healing in the beginning was just surviving. Once I wrote that I am ready to live even miserable, but I am going to live. I allowed in my life everything… even misery. Pain, confusion, not knowing anything, fighting. Everything!
Now I can realize the process. Was… is an amazing journey. Full of surprises! This is life eh? Hahahaha so juicy and full even viagra sans ordonnance when it feels empty..hahaha…
Some years later trying many different approaches, traditions, paths I met the art of active meditation and meditative therapies that they really speeded up my process. From India and Asia, to South Mexico and Central America staying available in life receiving her gifts! Just to say that I was never thinking to be a therapist, facilitator or healer… just happened completely natural and effortless. Was more the other people that pushed me –in nice way, to start work with people.
What I am doing now…I don’t have any idea how to call it, is just sharing out of my experience, simple and direct, enjoying the process of life!


Question: Please tell us more about letting go… we hear about it lately a lot, but what means in fact to „let go”? And why should we?

I love this question, is with a lot of calories!!! Hahaha!!
Letting go is a passive action! Letting go means to stay available all the time, not to be occupied with any drama, desire, idea, feeling, thought, experience…. anything. Letting go means that I don’t make important the periphery allowing everything to move freely. In letting go, all efforts, force and resistance disappear, everything became more natural and natural is what we call spiritual. If you get confused with letting go we can use the expression “let it be”. “Let it be” means that I don’t want to control – manipulate the consequences that belong always in the future, creating the space for change and trust to the existence wherever it leads. Let – go is in the present.


Thank you Kaifi!!


Urmatorul eveniment cu Kaifi in Romania „Die Before You Die”, 23 – 27 Aprilie 2016.

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