"Drum and Silence Circle" with Deva Ashik, 7th of May 3pm-4.30pm

Ebed Trio&friends Concert, 7th of May 7pm-9pm

"Sounding the Miraculous" with Sundaram, 8th-9th of May 6-9.30pm


BUCHAREST, Romania at:

Hermitage. urban spiritual hub


Mind  Evolution Society

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A special edition with live music and 3 different events

The program will start on May 7th. at 3:00 PM with the first event: Drum&Silence Circle. 

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Die Before You Die presents:


Die Before You Die with Kaifi

“Die as you are so that you can become that which you really are. Die to the ego so that the Divine can be born in you. Die to the past so that you become open to the future. Die to the known so the unknown can penetrate in you. Die to the mind so the heart can start throbbing again.”

11st - 14th of May

The Art of Let Go Through Life and Death

The video is a glimpse in past experiences of other participants in "Die Before You Die" - The Art of Let Go Through Life and Death

We invite you to allow the images and sound take you on a short journey from attachments and fear towards love atmosphere and celebration of beauty and mystery of life and death.

Attachments towards ideas, people, ideals and situations create our suffering. They also keep us from experiencing the mystery of life. The fulfillment and happiness - the reason we want to uncover. The fear of the unknown.

During the group:

We explore the way they are being created and maintained

We use different techniques inspired by Sufis&Shamans that help us to wake our vital energy, to open, to look and to recognize themes and situations where we feel stagnated and tense.

The fear of death/life

Most of the time we live in fear. We stay in relationships because we are afraid of being alone. The fear is so overwhelming, that we say things we don't mean, moved by fear.

During the group:

We explore where we stop our energy because of fear of loosing somebody or something: the fear of surrender to the unknown.

We understand at very deep level the fact that there is no safety and this sets us free.

It is not the suffering that clings on us. It is us who cling on it. Discovering the art of letting go we will realize how totally unnecessary it was to carry it all this way.

During the group:

We learn how to create an ambiance of loving acceptance around those fears and tensions through meditation.

We experience the way to release the energy from attachments and identifications

We create a bridge between awareness and love, allowing our energy to move freely and reconnecting us with our love atmosphere celebrating the beauty and the mystery of life and death.

The main areas we start exploring from:

Attachments and identifications

Letting go and acceptance

About Facilitator

Kaifi has been sharing for many years now the Art of Meditation & OSHO Meditative Therapies, Conscious Death & the Art of Let Go, Reiki & Energy Healing. He has been initiated & trained in many different methods & techniques. 

The ultimate drivers in Kaifi’s work are his own life experiences and his way of living, which used to be for many years “on the edge”. He discovers Love-Space-Consciousness and then comes into existence “From Separation to Unity” - the technique he is using in his groups to create the expansion of our love atmosphere, by bridging heart consciousness and awareness, reconnecting us with the infinity space of wholeness. This is what finally enables and give support to the participants in the process of knowing and accepting themselves. 

“The love & acceptance space he creates, a huge change in consciousness, joy of the present moment with whatever it brings, along with a deep responsibility for one’s life… is what remains at the end of his groups.” 

His most recent adventure is integrating in a structured frame his experience and offer it in a complete certified coaching program - which addresses the whole man. 

“Allowing chaos and apparently meaningless states, to ultimately coming to the deep understanding that Everything is already perfect as it is, Here & Now!” 

Kaifi is sharing his work all around the world and at OSHO Afroz Meditation Center, which is located in Eressos, a small village of Lesvos island in Greece. He is sharing by being part of the team who runs Afroz and by leading also here his workshops and trainings. He is rediscovering the beauty of life and continuously facing himself with the recent experience of being a father.

Best gift that you can offer yourself

Lia. Romania, Event planner

Annemiek. Netherlands, therapist

"I am a woman busy with a professional life full of norms and corporate digests in a busy city like Istanbul.... So, Die before you Die has been a profound and surprising discovery of life itself. I had the possibility to expand, feel full and ONE with the whole thanks to Kaifi. It pushed me to accept and embrace the 2 sides and all facets of life to better enjoy the juice and essence of my own life. It has been a shifting experience that I recommend to anybody around me and anybody far but also close to me. This is the best step of love, best gift that you can offer yourself with beLOVEd Kaifi!"

""Under the Greek dark sky of Eressos I spontaneously followed the teaser an evening Die Before You Die I immediately get caught, I felt so attracted to, so invited to.... Die... A home coming feeling I longed for my whole life. The missing piece. I immediately felt death does not exist, there is only love. The workshop Die before You Die itself was incredible. Direct experience, without words, no analyses, only truth and love. Kaifi and his team create a beautiful, beautiful space full of love and presence. I can still feel the essence of the group resonating in me, remembering me to let go every time again. Let go, let go, let go... "

A home coming feeling

Surprisingly effective and exciting

Sitara Figen Ayan. Turkey, VP Cruise Operations

Nikita. China, dentist 

See my own beauty

"This workshop is a surprisingly effective and exciting. It is so deep, much more than what I could expect. It touched different layers, and came with sweet tears, the love and mercy to myself. I still can not use language to summarise the course until today because it is so close to the source, that wonderful and infinite can only be experienced instead of being expressed. Kaifi’s, completely compassion, serenity, is what the Buddha should look like. I could really release my tension in his love, how fantastic!!! I benefit a lot after this workshop, and keep on the peace and nourishment inside. Waiting to meet again soon!"

"Kaifi is a man who loves you deeply, supports you and brings you into the light even if you don’t always want to. I learned in his group how to remain in the present moment, how to look at the stories that I used to tell to myself and that made me suffer, and it helped me become conscious and HERE, to understand what keeps me away from love, myself and others. This workshop – die before you die helped me see my own beauty and the light in me because he saw it in me. My meeting with Kaifi brought me the other half-filled glass, that was missing and showed me that I can Live a happy life” 

And in the evening from 7pm till 9pm we continue in the same place with "Sufi Concert" with Ebed Trio & Friends.

"Sounding the Miraculous" with Sundaram will continue at Mind Evolution Society on 8th and 9th during evenings (6pm-9.30pm).

Events Schedule

We complete the journey in the place we started - Hermitage. urban spiritual hub - with "Die Before You Die - The Art of Let Go Through Life and Death" with Kaifi with 4 full days of exploration supported by sound & silence.

We will start the journey on 7th of May @ Hermitage. urban spiritual hub with "Drum and Silence Circle" with Deva Ashik starting 3pm-4.30pm

You can register to events individually or choose one of the packages that we have prepared for you


Besides Die Before You Die you have access also to: Drum&Silence Circle and Sufi Concert .

Register and pay until 1st of May.


Besides Die Before You Die you have access also to: Drum&Silence Circle and Sufi Concert .

Register and make a 30% deposit until 16st of April and you get the Early Bird Price. The rest you will pay 2nd of May latest.

€ 355

€ 290

Packages & payment options


Besides Die Before You Die you access to: Drum&Silence Circle, Sufi Concert and Sounding the Miraculous.

Register and make a 30% deposit until 16st of April and you get the Early Bird Price. The rest you will pay 2nd of May latest.

€ 320

€ 310


Besides Die Before You Die you access to: Drum&Silence Circle, Sufi Concert and Sounding the Miraculous.

Register and pay until 1st of May.

Let's embrace and celebrate together the mystery of life and death 

through sound & silence